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United Church of Christ in the Philippines
Summer Sports/Talents Camp 2003
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Date:  May 4-8, 2003

Venue: Batang II, Sasmuan Pampanga UCCP

Theme: Together We Can, Together We Will

Attendance: 10 Churches, 108 delegates

The Summer Sports Talents Camp was the last major activity for our first year term as officers. It was held on Batang II in which the last CYF activity held there was on 1998, so the CYFers there was very excited to host the said activity.  It started with a journey of first timers riding a Bangka, CYFers met on May 4 in the afternoon at 4 , and two big Bangka was use for our transportation. After the registration, each CYFer was given a journal & their respective ID. The opening worship was lead by Batang CYFers and Rev. Manansala. The first night was just getting to know, grouping, orientation & a challenge. A challenge to all delegates that its up to them to make this gathering successful, search for their talents and use them in this camp. The challenge was put into these words: If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, You got to wake up and pay attention. Every morning CYFers prepares for Morning Meditation before breakfast. The BTR regarding the theme Together we can, Together we will was given by our Camp Pastor, Pas Jun Gueco, he discusses that the meaning of the theme as a CYFer is together we can do it and together we will serve Christ. The Talent workshops are the highlights of the camp, Acting, Music & Dance. We invited very good guest speakers to facilitate all the workshops; they were given 3 sessions in the morning, 3 hours each session;


(1)   Music


Kuya Sam Guerrero was the facilitator for music, he have a degree of Music in UP, he is presently teaching at PCU. Thirty delegates register in this workshop, and they were trained to know the basic of music; reading notes, making a beat (kumpas), and most especially composing a song or putting tunes into words.


(2)   Theater Dance


We have 6 special guests who facilitate this workshop, coming from a Mobile Theater Group from South Luzon Jurisdiction CYF, headed by Jong, they teach the delegates what is dance?  Stretching, Bending, any movement is important but discipline & hardwork is what make a dancers become dancers.          


(3)   Theater Acting


CYFers who attended this workshop felt like a star, because they learned from one great facilitator.  Acting, Speaking, Directing, Facial Expression everything in Basic Theater Acting this guest speaker taught. He was very good not only to interact with the delegates but to make them really act. Krish our guest facilitator from NCCP, bring out the talents within them that some of them dont know they have. Courage and Discipline are factors to become good actors & actresses.


During the Summer Camp every evening a special event is being held;


a.      Ecumenical Peace Gathering


Batang II is a place where they have 4 Churches, IEMELIf, Roman Catholic and UCCP.  May 5, 2003, it was in this night facilaltators of the camp invited the youth from other religions along with the youth from Door of Faith. Each youth representatives were ask to perform, lead a prayer and light a candle for Peace all over the world. It was a memorable event for the youth of Batang II, a night of unity for all. 


b.     Pasiklaban Local Church Talents Night


Each youth have their own talent as a blessing from God, so on the night of May 6, 2003 CYFers & Batang II kids were given a chance to perform. The kids showed their talents thru singing & dancing. While the CYFers, some group, others individual also showed their acting, dance & singing talents. A lot of spectators were so thrilled during this event; it was like watching Gods blessings thru the performers.


c.       Cultural Night, Awarding


The last night May 7, 2003 will be the night were we see the things the CYFers learned during their workshops. The music group showed that they can compose a song by putting melody into the CYF prayer, they also showed how great to sing together as one. The Dance group turn was next, one song different movements is what they showed. One great about this group was their young members who overcome their shyness. The last group was to perform was the Acting group; they did not only perform once but three times. They were split into 3 groups for 3 great performances.  This was also the night of Awarding of prizes, for the winners of the Sport Fest individually and as a group. A lot of special awards were also given but the most anticipated was the Mr. & Ms. Summer Camp that was given to Ella Guevarra & Jhun Mangalindan.  Love Gift Offering was also given during this night to the Guest Facilitators & our Camp Pastor.



            After the workshops, during the afternoon to show the unity & teamwork of CYFers the CYF Sports Fest 2003 was launched. Here are the games during this camp.


a.     Bible Olympics Bible Relays, Bible Quiz Bee, Verse Hunting

b.     Indoor - Chess, Sungka, Arm Wrestling, Scrabble

c.      Outdoor Games Basketball, Volleyball

d.    Pinoy Games Patintero, Chinese Garter, Tumbang Preso etc...

e.      Treasure Hunt

f.        Palarong pang-CYF, Relays


They also was given a chance to learn some additonal knowledge, a 2 hours session was given to each minor institute


        Lets Paint

        Liturgy Making

        WCLC Band


Other events during the camp were Praise & Worship, Local Church CYF Reporting, CYF Concerns, Pastors Speak and Conference Concerns. The last day was the closing worship; the message was given by Pastor. Gueco in which he challenge every youth who learned and enjoyed the camp to go in front and thank the Lord for the Blessings they received during the Summer Sports Talents Camp 2003. It was a successful event for all of us, both the officers & the delegates.