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Choir Festival 2003
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"Join Our Hearts, Join Our Faith"
February 22, 2003
Bancal Guagua UCCP

The Choir Festival was attended by 16 Churches (Angeles, Pampang, Pandacaqui, San Fernando, Bancal, Magsaysay, Sta. Catalina, Sta. Cruz, San Pablo Lubao, Sta. Teresa, Sta. Maria, Del Carmen, Edsa-Pampango, Olongapo, Culis and Batang II) , and almost 400 people attended the said event. Besides the CYF'ers, the kids, CWA, UCM, Elders, Pastors & Special Guest were there to listen to different Kids & Youth Choir whose main purpose is to Praise God thru Music. It was hosted by the CYF President Roel Leonard C. Tolentino. The opening prayer was interpreted thru a drama & song by the surprisingly first timers but very talented Olongapo Kids Choir with the song Natutulog ba ang Diyos.  The program aims to leave a message to all thru the words of wisdom given before each song is sung by the kids & youth choir.


Here are the lists of the songs performed during this event:


I. Kids Choir

        Angeles - Habang Bata pa

        Pandacaqui  - Salamat Sa Biyaya & Higit sa Yaman Mo

        Bancal - Wise Men Build his house

        Sta. Catalina - Only Selfless love

        San Pablo - Pupurihin ka sa Awit

        Sta. Maria - Yesterdays Dream & Only Selfless love

        EDSA - Say to the Lord I love you & Isang Pag-ibig                 

        Culis - I Love you Lord

       Batang II - Unang Pag-ibig & Childrens Praise Medley

       Olongapo -  Praise Medley Amazing Grace, I Surrender All


II. Youth Choir

        Angeles - Love will be our home & First Love

        Bancal - Find us Faithful & If we hold on

        Sta. Catalina - Shout to the Lord

        Culis - SarongBanggi & In the name of the Lord

        Edsa - Ride the Chariot & Ewan


Special Guest: Angelite Musical Ambassador (Holy Angel Junior Choir)



The event was a fund raising to raise some money for Bible study materials for children & CYF activities. The message that was leave to all attendees was: It is good to serve the Lord, but it is better, it is great, its a wonderful and an excellent feeling to serve the Lord Together. In the spirit of this words let us all unite, let us all hold hands, the kids, the youth, the adults, our parents, our elders, our  pastors, our workers,  all of us who find joy in serving the Lord, let us Join our Hands, Join our Hearts, Join our Faith.